Samples are considered project submittals

An indicator of Quality in any project is acheived by
a. Installation of materials and equipment per the specified parameters
b. Completion per the specified time frame
c. Workmanship displayed is as expected or better
d. A & B C&D
e. A&C
Historical cost data is used
a. For the corporate accounting department to pay future bills
b. Can be used to help create future estimates
c. Can be used to indicate the need to change methods, techniques and/or crew composition
d. A&B
e. A&C
f. B&C
The contract between the architect and the contractor is considered a relationship, according to the text.
Which of the following would be considered a sub-consultant of the architect?
Electrical Engineer
Municipal Inspector
The role of a typical PM is to
Perform the work on a given project
Supervise manage the day to day work on a project
Create cost estimates for the construction firms projects
Organize and manage the contractors team to create a profit on a given project
Integrated Project Delivery is
A process that involves the contractor, architect, and the owner during the planning phase of a project
A process that integrates time, costs and quality through the contractors scheduling, estimating and management functions
A method to eliminate problems before construction begins

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