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A manufacturing company uses a 40″ by 40″ pallet without any overhang, for transporting their unit loads. The product is manufactured on many machines and each product is packaged into a unit ( carton ) that is 8″x8″x5″ in dimensions. The units rests on the 8″x8″ side on the surface of the pallet and on the layers; all units must rest on the 8″x8″ side with reference to the surface of the pallet and layers, and all layers on each pallet must be identical. Each palletized unit load comprising the units, must be identical. The number of layers of units on a pallet must be such that the total height of the layers on a pallet from the surface of the pallet must be less than or equal to 50 inches. The height of each pallet is 6 inches. The company will ship 756,000 units per week in the form of palletized unit loads to the distribution centers. Tractor-trailers (semitrailers) having storage space of 240 inches in length x 120 inches in width x 170 inches (permissible in certain States) in height are being used to transport the palletized unit loads to the distribution centers on weekly one way trips . Palletized unit loads are stacked inside each trailer so as to maximize the number of units stored within each tractor-trailer. At the end of the month, a number of tractor-trailers are sent to collect all pallets (without any unit loads on them) from the distribution centers and bring them back to the manufacturing company. The palletized unit loads, or pallets without unit loads on them, can be stored inside the trailers with clearances from the walls and ceiling equivalent to 1% of the volume of the storage space of each tractor-trailer.

Answer the following questions:

1. The palletized unit load will have _________________ units per layer and __________ units per pallet.

2. Each tractor-trailer will hold _______________ pallets and ____________ units on its one way trip to the distribution center during the week.

3. The number of tractor-trailers that will be used per week for the one way trips to the distribution center will be ____________________

4. The number of tractor trailers that will be used to bring back the pallets from the distribution center will be ______________________

5. The trailer return ratio will be _____________________

6. The material handling equipment that is most likely to be used for loading the palletized unit loads on to the tractor-trailers will be ___________________

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