How would you understand positioning your product/service? what would you need to understand? Select one:

a. place, rank, customer, and product
b. outcomes, attitude, rank, customer
c. place, rank, attitude, outcomes
d. both a and b
e, none of the above
What are the factors that is influencing consumer decisions? Select one:
a. Situational factors, personal factors
b. need recognition factors, and purchase decision factors
c. none of these are factors
d. Psychological factors, and social factors
e both A and D
What is sales? Select one:
a. the process of showing goods and services
b. the process of getting goods and services
c. the process of actually selling products and/or services
d. the process of creating goods and services
e. none of the above
The target market should include only those segments of a market that are both a Select one:
a. profitable to serve, likely to be receptive to the products a company provides
b. customer focus, profitable to serve
c. products a company can provide and perception of high profit
d. both and b
e, none of the above
Marketing Research is a… Select one:
a. process to sell products
b. a process to sell services
C. Uses customer insights that come out of collecting and analyzing marketing information
d. a process that identifies marketing opportunities and solve marketing problems
e both C and D

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