What are the advantages of secondary research? Select one:

a. more expensive and less time intensive
b. less expensive and more time intensive
c. less time and more expensive
d. more expensive and more time
e. less expensive and less time intensive
What are the role’s of marketing? Select one: .
a. Identify customers, satisfy customers, and retain customers
b. customer loyalty, satisfy customers, identify customers
c. customers needs, retaining loyalty, and customer identification
d. both b and c
e. none of the above
To make a product or service stand out from its competitors in ways that provide unique value to the customer, we need to identify a set of characteristics and benefits that make a product different and better for a target audience that: Select one:
a. customer value when they are evaluating choices
b. customer wants to buy with value
c. competition cannot easily copy
d. both a and c a
e. none of the above

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