2. Suppose you have not yet taken the final exam. We have been asked to report your current letter grade in the scale of A A., B+, B, B-C+, C.C.D+, D.D., or F. Compute your numerical average grade before taking the final on the scale of 1 to 100. This numerical grade will be used to identify your letter grade. Transform your before-final numerical grade into the letter grade based on the following rule: Less than 60: F. less than 63:D-less than 67: D. less than 70. D. less than 73: C less than 77: C, less than 80: C+, less than 82: B- less than 86 B, less than 88: 8+, less than 92: A-, otherwise A The potential answers are AC 3:3 CAI D:D EA
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