Pick a company that has been in the news related to how they are being affected by COVID-19. The company must have international operations.

Step 2: Conduct research using news sources, the company’s website and their social media accounts to understand how they are being affected. Examples, Reduced operations? Layoffs? Closures? Longer hours? Increased operations? Work from home? Increased OH&S measures? Duty to Accommodate?

Step 3: Write a brief description explaining:

  • What the company does (e.g. manufacture toilet paper, paper towel, and napkins)
  • Where their operations are located (e.g. headquartered in Mississauga with manufacturing across North America)
  • How COVID-19 has impacted their business (e.g. panic buying of toilet paper has increased the orders from retailers so additional production with an extra shift is required)

Step 4: Considering human resource management from the company’s (employer) perspective, explain:

  • What is the company already doing to manage their human resources during this time of uncertainty? (This information might be limited since it will be mostly internal communications. If no information is available, then focus on recommendations).
  • What should the employer be doing to manage their human resources? Think about three specific recommendations that you think are specifically relevant to a company in this industry. (You may look at what other companies are doing to get ideas for best practices).

Step 5: Consider the impact from the employee’s perspective and describe your expectation of a best practice. If you were an employee at this company, how would you want your employer to respond to support you? Consider topics such as communication, compensation (e.g. overtime, hazard pay), change management, additional resources for mental health, accommodations, flights home, OH&S, etc

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