1. Organizations globally are experiencing workforce disruption at an unprecedented scale and speed due to Covid-19”. How this disruption has impacted the organizational culture and how it would help the organizations overcome possible future challenges and prepare better against other possible interventions? (Word Count: 100-150)

  1. What do you think would be the change most resisted by factory employees; changes to production methods and techniques, changes to organization structure or changes in organization culture? What would be the most appropriate steps to avoid resistance from these type of workers?(word count 100-150)

  1. The idea of business ecosystems indicates that organizations are more interdependent than ever before. Explain your point of view. Also comment whether this concept of business interdependence will remain same or change post Covid-19? (Word Count: 100-150)

  1. Select an organization like Restaurant or Department Store in your locality and analyse what business strategy that organization is pursuing; a low-cost or a differentiation strategy. Will it be better for the selected organization to opt for any strategy other than it is currently pursuing? Comment.(Word Count: 250-300)
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