If you were the Chief of Sales of a large/popular “Washing Machine brand”, (manufacturing & marketing firm) – selling through a core group of 400 odd sales professionals, divided into 40 sales territory teams of 10 sales representatives in each territory, that call on a two-tiered hierarchy of state-wise distribution network spread across 5 north Indian states. Each territory currently has an almost equal number of authorized retail outlets located in urban areas (tier 1 & tier 2 cities), that buy from distributors located in the territories, who in turn buy from the company.

The sales professionals other than calling on distribution channel members, also call on organizational buyers in their assigned sales territory.

How would you go about if the firm’s management asked you to ensure that you increase sales volume by 20% over the next 6 months from existing clients while adding another 5% client base across territories?

What steps would you take/what all would you decide to do – & why?

List and explain how proposed steps will help, in achieving/exceeding the stated sales objective.

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