Your memo should contain the following elements: Summary/Introduction Write a 50-75 word summary of your project and its purpose. Write the summary last, but put it first. Think of this as an abstract. Hint: if your project did not change substantially from your proposed project, you can reuse much of your previously written summary. Project Evaluation Did your project achieve its intended purpose? If given another chance, would you have chosen a different format or tool? What might you improve on if you were asked to create the same type of project for another client? What were some of the constraints of your chosen tool what you had to work around? Design Support Explain some of your design decisions using support from our course text or other design texts. You should cite specific passages in MLA format, and provide a bibliography if you use sources aside from our text. Some aspects you might touch on are your use of color, alignment, white space, and typography. Did your client dislike some of your design decisions? Did your client have a style sheet or set of guidelines that you needed to follow, and how did that style sheet constrain your design? Schedule Evaluation Did you stick to the schedule you proposed in your earlier assignment? If not, where did you diverge and what steps did you take to get back on track? What did you learn that will help you better schedule your projects in the future? If you didn’t diverge from your schedule, explain the steps you took to ensure both you and your client met your deliverables. Problems Did you encounter any problems along the way, either in the technical design or in managing your relationship with your client? If so, how did you resolve these? If not, what were the steps you took to prevent issues from arising?

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