Ethical Dilemma Email

Here’s the scenario:

You and Joan are close work friends. Joan has emailed you for help weighing the pros and cons of her options, and for your advice regarding a situation. Here’s the email she wrote you:

Subject: Advice needed

Hi Your name:

I have a problem and would like some advice. As I told you before, the supply of drinks has been disappearing quickly, and I’ve been worried about this because it is part of my job to maintain a stock of office supplies, including bottled water and soda for clients. Well, the other night I saw Thomas packing a bag full of water and soda and carrying it out to his car. I’m not really close with Thomas, so I don’t know what I should do. Should I talk to him individually or go to HR with what I saw? Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks so much for your help! I appreciate any advice you may have.



Write a 4-5 paragraph email response to her. You should format the email as follows:

Dear Joan:

Intro paragraph – include a warm greeting and say you have some advice for her.

Body paragraph 1 – analyze the benefits and negatives of talking to him directly. If statements and could are helpful grammar here.

Body paragraph 2 – analyze the benefits and negatives of going to HR. If statements and could are helpful here.

Optional body paragraph 3 – analyze the benefits and negatives of a third approach, such as doing something company-wide.

Closing – briefly state which option you think is best and why.

Closing Salutation,

Your name

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