This paper will develop a case based on a real situation in a real organization, preferably the organization where you presently work. Your paper must include both a description and an analysis. You may select the organization in which you work or one with which you are familiar. It is preferable to be in a position to obtain first-hand information about your selected organization. If you do not have the necessary access, you will be expected to develop your paper on the basis of second-hand information in periodicals, etc. The following is the required outline for your paper:

Organizational Description Background information, including environment domain and task design role relationships control systems information technology organizational goals size blueprint for growth Situation description, including the nature of the task the people involved formal and informal relationships relevant organization structure prior events relative to the situation Discussion of organizational effectiveness, including organizational behavior work and efficiency adaptability of the organization Organizational Analysis (using the concepts learned in this course) Level of organizational effectiveness Causes for organizational effectiveness Mechanisms for change Proposed Organizational Chart Conclusions and Recommendation Reference page

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