Why do we find and cite sources in research papers? 2) What is an in-text citation and how does one put it in a paper? 3) What is the difference between a quote and paraphrase and when would you use which? 4) What is the purpose of a Works Cited page? 5) Write the MLA Works Cited citation for one of Richard Nordquist’s articles. 6) Write the MLA Works Cited citation for one of the three MLA videos. 7) Find another article about MLA on the internet and write the MLA Works Cited citation for it. After you’ve submitted the above, go to the Forum answers of two other students, and using the article they found and cited in question 7, write a one paragraph summation of the article including two quotes from the article itself with proper in- text citations. The key here is that you write an interesting explanation of the point of the article, backing up your thoughts with two quotes from the article, integrated into your own sentences, supporting your overall point.
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