Student time management, engagement, and retention at BOLD State University is Low and could impact student’s success.The C-Suite would like to create a holistic and coordinated approach to student’s success, by building on its rich heritage and culture of promoting access, affodability, and completion throrgh resources and opportunities that empower students to succeed at every level of learning on and off campus.The C-Suite would like to be proactive and identify a solution to these problems and take care of it immediately. So they hire you as a management consultant to resolve the following problems of student time management, engagement, and retention.(a) Use 5 Whys (A root cause analysis tool/technique) ti identify the problems that you belive is causing student time management to be low at BOLD State University?(b) Identify 5 Activities or programs or initiatives or projects that could be implemented to increase student time management? support your answers with Refrences.(c) Explain how you will utilize the 4 Management functions to assist BOLD State University’s C-Suite to increase student time management?
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