Tourism Management Answer needed asap

1.List four (4) benefits to be derived for an ecotourism business by it aligning with a nationally/globally accredited form of Eco Certification?

2.There are a number of pros and cons associated with the growing commercialisation of ecotourism operations globally. Outline three (3) of these pros (1 mark)and three (3) of these cons?

3. Identify two (2) critical issues imposing on the ecotourism sector currently? If you were a consultant, what advice would you give to the owner of an ecotourism business to suitably address each of the issues identified?

4.Why is quality control and ongoing monitoring of performance important to an ecotourism business?List three (3) quality control mechanisms and give an example of each that the business might use ?

5. Public parks and protected areas are acknowledged as being a major resource that support ecotourism activities. How might you define what a protected area is? What are the particular features or characteristics of protected areas that make them so unique in the wider tourism landscape?

6.Market segmentation has become a critical process for the identification of niche or submarkets. What are the benefits for the ecotourism operator in undertaking such a process? What are the key differences between a hard and soft ecotourist?

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