The prices for the chip during the last 12 months were as follows: Month January February March April May June Price Per Chip $1.80 $1.61 $1.60 $1.85 $1.88 $1.95 Month July August September October November December Price Per Chip $1.90 $1.85 $1.70 $1.50 $1.60 $1.75 Nov Dec Sep 1.88 Oct 1.78 1.6 1.55 This exercise contains only parts a, b, and c. a) Using a 2-month moving averago, the forecast for periods 11 and 12 is (round your responses to two decimal places); Month Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Forecast $1.71 1.61 1.73 1.87 1.92 1.93 b) Uning a 3-month moving average, the forecast for ds 11 and 12 is (round your responses to two decimal places): Month Apr May Jun Jul Aug Forecast $1.67 1.69 1.78 1.89 1.91 Sop 1.90 Oct 1.82 Nov 1.68 Dec 1.6 C) The mean absoluto deviation based on a 2-month moving average of March through December in $ (round your response to three decimal places)
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