What you should do Write an informational memo report to your instructor that describes your desired career. In the report, summarize the information found about the nature of the work, main duties, employment requirements, and any other additional information. Include relevant information about typical salary ranges for this occupation. Add an introductory paragraph that describe the purpose of the report, and conclude with a brief paragraph summarizing what you learned from this investigation. For instance, after this investigation, do you still feel this career is a good fit for you? State your reasoning Requirements 1. Use a Microsoft word document and submit in a PDF format your work (Individual). 2. Check Chapter: Informal Reports for general formatting and writing style. 3. BE ORIGINAL 4. Ask your instructor if unclear (there is a discussion board for assignments questions). The assignment should be typed ? 1% or double spaced ? Arial/ Times New Roman font Size 12 Pages should be numbered (Top right corner) Report Length
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