Richard Mudd, an employee of
Compuserve, is called for jury duty in Wayne County, Michigan. His immediate
supervisor, Harvey Lorie, lets him know that he “must” avoid jury
duty at all costs. Mudd tells the judge of his circumstances and his need to be
at work, but the judge refuses to let Mudd avoid jury duty. Mudd spends the
next two weeks at trial. He sends regular e-mails and texts to Lorie during
this time, but on the fourth day, gets a text message from Lorie that says,
“Don’t bother to come back.” When he does return, Lorie tells him he
is fired. Does Mudd have a cause of action for the tort of wrongful discharge?

Yes, because he was
discriminated against under Title VII.

No, because his employer has
the right to fire him for any reason.

Yes, because he was exercising
a legal duty.

No, because he didn’t do enough
to satsify his boss that he wasn’t lying about jury duty.

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