Marketers create messages about their products and for their customers in a variety of different ways – not just through advertising. This module discusses the IMC or Integrated Marketing Communications which emphasizes how important it is for all parts of the marketing communication process to work together and to be putting out the same message.

All of the models used in marketing affect each other and the way in which marketers manage the IMC will affect the portfolio planning model (BCG), the product life cycle (PLC), and the Consumer Adoption Process or Diffusion of Innovation Model (DOI) for that product.

In marketing everything works together. The various models – BCG, PLC, DOI, IMC, are all used by particular individuals within the marketing organization to help explain what is going on with the product and the market, yet they are are connected with each other.

1. Discuss each of these models in terms of what their use is within the marketing function, i.e. the purpose of these models – why and how these models are used, and who in the organization (Executives, Brand Managers, Product Managers, Sales Managers, etc.) might use each model.

2. Discuss how each of these models are integrated with and/or support the other models in terms of the information they provide the marketing organization.

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