Go to the case in the text on page 325: Exercising Strategy:

Social Media and MOOCs at PayPal.
You should summarize the case. Then answer the questions on page 325. Case analysis must be detailed (more than 300 words), well-written and thorough using the principles learned in the chapter. Social Media and MOOCs at PayPal PayPal’s digital payment platform gives its over 200 million active account holders in markets around the world the confi- dence to connect and transact in new ways online, on a mobile device, using an app, or in person. The PayPal platform, includ- ing Braintree, Venmo, and Xoom, allows consumers and busi- nesses to receive money, withdraw funds, and hold balances in many different monetary currencies. Although PayPal is consid- ered state-of-the art when it comes to using technology to dig. tize how we pay for products and services, it was not consicred cutting edge in using technology for training. However, the bas changed as PayPal has infused learning technology into its employee training programs. PayPal decided to incorporate social media into its training because it is easy to use and its over 5,000 employees are familiar with it. PayPal created a private Facebook group where employees can connect with each other and invited experts to ask questions and gain (and share) knowl- edge. PayPal also encourages workers to use Twitter’s video ser- vice to watch short training modules. PayPal provides employees with access to Udemy for Business, a supplier of massive open online courses (MOOCs). Employees can access 1,600 courses on a variety of topics and have complete control over when to complete them. They can bookmark important tutorials or save the lecture for future reference. As a result of incorporating tech- nology into its training, PayPal has found that the number of employees who complete two training courses every six months (or who they refer to as “active learners”) has doubled. Also, the company realized a 25% savings in training costs. a a

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