Yoplait Appeals to Health, Convenience, and Great Taste: Read the following scenario and then choose one of the activities below.

As the top-selling yogurt maker in the United States, Yoplait is committed to making products that consumers love. Designed to maximize health and nutritional benefits, Yoplait’s product innovations are aimed at increasing the percentage of households eating yogurt, attracting a wider mix of yogurt lovers (kids and males), and increasing the shelf space allotted to yogurt. Yoplait Healthy Heart, a yogurt containing plant sterols that are clinically proven to reduce cholesterol, is leading a proactive health market segment: consumers are enticed to eat two servings of yogurt each day to reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol by an average of 6 percent. New products include a variety of convenient tasty treats for kids, fat-free yogurt as a vital part of a weight-loss plan, and Chocolate Mousse Style, a new proprietary recipe for a great-tasting chocolate-flavored yogurt with live and active yogurt cultures that consumers have demanded for years. The success of Yoplait’s R&D team could prove healthy for Yoplait. For more information about Yoplait’s new products, visit the company’s website at
a. As mombers of a marketing team for Yoplait, brainstorm various strategies for addressing the disparity of yogurt consumption between male and female consumers and have the same group member submit it to the Assignment 14 Dropbox
1. Develop a print advertisement or
2. Develop a 30-second commercial to attract male consumers. Use a storyboard format in PowerPoint for producing the commercial, write the script and describe the video shots needed to complete the commercial

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