Sales Call Objective (is SMART and requires a customer action)

Q2. Linking Buying Motives, Benefits, Support Information, & Other Reinforcement Methods.

(Information for each of the buying influences you have identified, they must not all be the same)

A. Buying Motive

What is most important to each person in the buying centre:

B. Specific Benefits

Match to the buying motive in order of importance. To be used in formal presentation

C. Information to support benefits

How will you prove your benefits

D. Method of Proof

Product demo, video, customer testimonial etc.wq`

1: Kevin Baker (CEO)

Buyer 1 -Benefits:

Buyer 1:

Buyer 1:

Background: My customer is a small local business that needs help managing their schedules and meetings I am a representative of Thryv and they have offered a software service that will help them manage schedules and meetings. •Thryv offers bundles built for different industries and businesses Thryv offers a bundle made for HVAC businesses. This software would be perfect for Baker’s as this bundle offers them the option to increase their online Presence maintain Appointment Booking & Calendars with this bundle they are even able to offer customers Estimates, Invoices & Payments.

Thryv One calendar feature allows members to create numerous staff accounts and sync their team’s calendars, manage their team’s schedule, sync calendars, and book appointments. One Calendar also Allows team members as much access to their clients and services.

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