(a) Select any consumer product that you have recently purchased. Elaborate the product’s features and benefits and how these are fulfilling your needs.
(b) Applying the concepts discussed in the course in the sessions related to consumer behavior, evaluate, and critique the decision-making process that you followed for the purchase. What specific improvements can the company marketing the product make to assist its customers in their decision-making process?
(c) Describe how the technological, cultural, social factors, including your values, beliefs, attitude, your family, friends, opinion leaders, your psychological and other personal factors, etc., are affecting your buying decision. How did the company marketing the product apply these factors in its marketing strategy?
Note that this consulting report must be attempted and submitted individually by each student.
Please do each question separately. Write in your own words in a Word file, about 5 pages and submit on Moodle by the deadline which will not be extended. No resubmissions are allowed for any reason.
If you need any clarification or guidance, you can contact me during the Tutoring Session through Student Success on Fridays between 79.30 am and 10.30 am.
Weight 9%
LO 1 – Apply knowledge of client behavior in the design of a marketing strategy – 4%
LO 2 – Discuss the impact of economic, technological, competitive, environmental, social, political, and cultural aspects of society on marketing initiatives – 5%
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