Create implementation plan for this strategy. This is the action plan (when and what) that puts the recommended strategy into effect. Set Milestones.

These were expensive to purchase and he would be limited to 25,000 given his budget. Another possibility was in-store demonstrations. A representative could visit a retail hardware store with a small booth and, during store hours, visit with customers and show them how the product worked. This approach would cost $250 per day. A variation on this would be attendance at retailer trade shows where no homeowners would be allowed. Rona/Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Home Hardware, to name a few retailers, held these two day trade shows twice a year. It allowed companies, new and established, a chance to speak one-on-one with local retailers and dealers. Booth rental was only a few hundred dollars but the big cost was the time of those who would staff the booth. Bigger retail trade shows, like the one held in Chicago, could cost tens of thousands of dollars to attend.

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