Eddie Obeid was a NSW Parliament MP between 1991 and 2011 representing the AustralianLaborParty.

A series of three investigativehearingsby theIndependent Commission Against Corruptionbetween 2012 and 2014 into the conduct of Obeid and others found that Obeid acted in acorruptmanner in relation to cafe leases atCircular Quayand that he misused his position as a Member of Parliament to benefit his family’s financial interests in both Direct Health Solutions and in WaterLicences over the family’sBylong Valleyfarm.

Another Parliamentary MP, Ian McDonald was found guilty of assisting Obeid in another attempted corruption exercise, this time in relation to coal mining licences for the above Obeid family property at Bylong Valley.

Both MP’s were sentenced to “Custodial” sentences in jail.

SLJ Question to be answered :-

How do you feel about elected members of Parliament or Government Employees betraying your trustgivento them? Why?

Please use Kant’s Theory in rationalising your answer.

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