The Four Functions of Management at Trader Joe’s This activity is important because great executives not only set to changing conditions better Content and with the fundamental management and Thermeny fundamentals that are needed in status as much as in estashed corporation that for an evolved Next you learn about trader Joe’s, an ele specialty suomatta. As you read the ice force of each of the four functions of management. The goal of this city is to let you to match elements of the culture to examples from the dets of this cose Thendamental management principles include the four traditional functions of management ingranding, we controlling Planning is specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in avance the corrected to the goals. Organisassembling and coordinating the human financial informadores de goals Leading is stimulating people to be high performers. It includes motivating and communicating women in groups. The fourth function controlling, monitors performance and meet rechanges And the case below and complete the activity as structed Trader Joe’s a specialty supermarket chain, was started in 1958 by Joe Coutine whether owned new convence stores called Pronto Markets that were nighting an uphill battle against the growing even cho Ashegge strategies to help grow his small business, Coulombe was struck by the theme for som woulonger become products, such as wine drinks, and gourmet foods, which were more problemeve verwydd against gant Eleven Coulombe changed the name of his res to Trader Joe’s and need rem California wine that was then being produced. He also began to offer the food breed trade.cheese complement and encourage wine sales. His planning paid of customers loved his newscast concern the premium products he had chosen to stock sold QUA Reasing that he quickly to chooses to growing business, his strategy was to continually expand the writy of premium foods and she said and, in eo popularity of the name, he began to offer his own store label products Next > < Prev 621 Today, over 70% of the products Trader Joe’s sells sport its own wel, o Colombes deconto differentiation strategy within the premium quality segment of the supermarket iness has paid on How customers to visit his stores and buy high-priced gourmet products he needed to prove them with had to motivate his salespeople to perform at a high level. His approach to ging was to decor salespeople to take responsibility for meeting customer needs. Rather than forcing comes to sowie eine w obtain the consent of their supervisor in the hierarchy of authority employees were given my toe te personalized customer service Coulombe’s approach led employees to feel they owned” meir supermarkets, and he woud to open and norms about providing excellent customer service and developing pervanced relationships with who when first name terms. Coulombe led by example and created a store environment in which employees were treated valued as people. Store managers do not sit in an office, they are in the stores working Nongside the employees Creating a collaborative working environment. The Hawaian shirts worn by Coulomb and his employees, wong we the stores helped to create strong values and norms that emphasize personalized customer service From the outset he created a policy of promotion from within the company so that the highest performing people cotto become store captains and beyond in the organization. And, from the beginning, he recognized the need to treatment and equitable way to encourage them to develop the customer oriented values and norms needed to proide pensare customer service. He decided that full-time employees should earn at least the median household income for their communes, which even $7.000 a year in the 1960s and is $61.372 today-an astonishingly high amourt compared to the puy et employees of regia supermarkets such as Kroger and Safeway, with over 474 stores across the United States, Tracers has found a recipe truccess This activity is important because you will need to understand how to apply these culturni elements to your workpieces Select the appropriate function of management that describes each statement related to Trader Joe’s, 1. Trader Joe’s organizational chart Click to select 2.70% of products are private label Click to select) Next > 6 of 21 < Prev G Click to 2. 70% of products are private label Ichick to see 3. Collaborative working environment Click to en 4. Managers don’t sit in their office (Chek to 5. Communicating values to support customer service Click to select 6. Promoting from within Check to ech 7. Setting full-time pay to community median (Click to en 8. Focus on upscale, premium products
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