Question 1 (20 Marks) Discuss the elements of the marketing mix for Coca Cola. Use examples in your response [No marks will be awarded for regurgitation of theory]

Question 2 (20 Marks) Discuss any four (4) external macro environment factors where Coca Cola operates. [Give practical examples, any regurgitation of theory without practical examples will not be awarded marks]

Question 3 [20 Marks] Conduct SWOT analysis for Coca Cola.

Question 4 [20 Marks] Conduct a market analysis using Porter’s five forces model for the beverages industry where Coca Cola operates.

Question 5 [20 Marks] Discuss market segmentation as a valuable tool in a company’s marketing effort and explain how Coca Cola segmented its market. [Include a discussion of the process and criteria that can be used to segment a market]

Question 6 [20 Marks] Use Coca Cola’s products to explain the different phases of the product life cycle.

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