Nkhukhu Box Nkukhu Box is the home of grilled chicken embracing the Kasi “township” flavours and lifestyle. We bring quality food and flavours originating from our own Kasis, inspired by our own stories and origin. “We are a proud fast-food brand born from African townships, “eKasi”, with an understanding of the township palate and needs. Our brand aims to share our own local stories with the world. The name “Nkukhu”, meaning “chicken”, is well known in most African languages. Our menu is developed with a clear understanding of African flavours and preferences. We are a brand that creates and cherishes food memories. We not only serve amazing, tantalising quality food, but we provide an eating experience. With the first Nkukhu Box store launched in Mamelodi, one of many famous townships in South Africa, we plan on bringing the brand to every other Kasi.” Nkukhu Box was founded by a young entrepreneur from eKasi with an aim of offering high-quality grilled chicken products that are on a par with international standards and other big brands. Itumeleng Mpatlanyana, the founder, is a firm believer in self-initiated entrepreneurship. He has a passion for good food and has been in the food business for more than 10 years. Nkukhu Box has been created to embrace African flavours, culture, lifestyle and fashion through food. All other big brands in the fast-food industry have their origin stories to share with the world. It is time to have our own African brand telling our own colourful stories to the world – a true South African township brand that focuses on authentic Kasi taste. Africa’s townships are alive with music, fashion, art and history, as well as a wide variety of tasty dishes. It is this great combination of vibes and stories that are told through the Nkukhu Box eating experience. The brand is set to move to every Kasi, providing high-quality fast food and service that we can be proud of as our own creation and flavours that we can introduce to other nations throughout the world. Nkhukhu Box specialises in chicken meals but also serves kota (a quarter loaf of bread that is hollowed out, filled first with a layer of seasoned french fries, then topped with optional layers of sauce, cheese, egg, and meat) and salads. “Grilled chicken flavours done the Kasi way” Visit the website for more information: Source: About Nkhukhu Box. Retrieved from: (accessed 15 January 2020). Question 5 [20] 5.1. Identify any five types of intermediary used in distribution channels. 5.2. Explain the role of each type of intermediary in a distribution channel. 5.3. Recommend how Nkhukhu Box can use these intermediaries as part of their distribution channel. (5) (5) (5) Copy the table below into your answer book and fill it in. Type of intermediary Explanation of intermediary Recommendation for Nkhukhu Box 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5.4. Identify which type of distribution strategy Nkhukhu Box implements. Give two advantages and two disadvantages of this strategy.
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