For each of the following goals, re-write the bad example to suit the given characteristic (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, or timely). Specific: Goals must be something that can be described and understood easily by others – finite conditions, not general feelings. Bad example: Increase participation of members. Make the goal Specific: Measurable: Whenever possible, use numbers or percentages to mark achievement of the goal. You can’t rely on personal opinion. Bad example: More members will attend… Make the goal measureable: Attainable: Is the goal realistic? Goals should be a stretch to obtain but not impossible to achieve. Members will work toward what they believe they can achieve and are not inspired by boring, easy goals. Bad example: 100 percent of members will attend every meeting. Make the goal attainable: Realistic: Your goals must accurately address the root issue you are facing. Remember, “An accurate description of the problem is 90 percent of the solution.” Bad example: Have food at recruitment events so chapter members will attend and have better conversations Make the goal realistic Timely: Goals must have an end date when they are due. Creating a sense of urgency will push members to work harder. How else will you know when to check performance? Bad example: Winter Make the goal timely: Example Non-SMART Goal: We need to improve recruitment. Write a SMART Goal:
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