GPO Café, popular in the Bendigo city center, has been seeing a decline in the number of customers over the last three months. The manager understands that it is important to retain customers in order for the café to enjoy long-term customer loyalty. He suspects that the decline in the number of customers is due to deterioration in the quality of customer service at the café. He commissions you as a consultant to help gauge customers’ satisfaction with the quality of service at the café. Your findings will help the café to make better operational decisions. You are charged with the responsibility of developing a suitable research instrument that will help the café achieve its objective.

Design a question using a Likert scale to measure the customers’ satisfaction levels with the quality of service offered by the café. When developing the question, you will need to (a) determine the intensity scale using relevant descriptors, and (b) design statements related to the café’s customer. This will allow customers to indicate their feelings by choosing the relevant scale.

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