Explain any four types of statistical analysis and their underlying statistical concepts, and describe how each of them has a unique role in the data analysis process.

Distinguish a nonprobability from a probability sampling method. Which one is the preferable method and why? Indicate the pros and cons associated with probability and nonprobability sampling methods.

Is it ethical for retailers to use video cameras in their stores to study the behavior of their customers? Discuss.

Your business has started using a new market research company that charges roughly 30% lower than the more established company you were using in the past. The research results appear to be markedly different from previous surveys. When questioned, the market research company tells you to not worry and suspects that they are probably “unintentional respondent errors” caused by “fieldworker errors.” What control mechanisms should have been used by the market research company.

Acme Refrigerant Reclamation Company performs large-scale reclamation of contaminated refrigerants as mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It wishes to determine what types of companies will use this service, so the marketing director designs a questionnaire intended for telephone administration. Respondents will be plant engineers, safety engineers, or directors of major companies throughout the United States. Should Acme use a professional field data collection company to gather the data? Why or why not?

Marketing research has traditionally been associated with consumer goods. Today an increasing number of non-profit organisations (e.g. charities and government departments) are using marketing research. Why do you think this is the case?

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