Make a business process reengineering diagram and customer relationhsip management diagram about arteza

strategic initiative of Business Process Reengineering, along with more details about business processes. One of the tools used in Business Process Reengineering is Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN) which is detailed in the Plug-In B2 Business Process BPMN is an important tool to utilize to design business processes. Select 2 critical processes to model for the start-up business selected earlier. Provide enough detail to show the flow of interactions within the process. Plug-In B2 has examples of these models. You may use any of the following diagramming resources. is a free tool. For, export the diagram as a pdf. Be sure to label the events, activities, gateways and flows coming from the gateways. BPR Diagramming Resources n Man… • Microsoft Visio • Microsoft PowerPoint Edraw (Links to an external site.) • Smartdraw (Links to an external site) • (Links to an external site.)

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