1) A company produces drinks in liters (33.8 oz.) and single serving (16.9 oz.) containers that utilize three resources of soda, plastic for the containers, and manufacturing time.

The liter requires 2 ounces of plastic and the single-serving container requires 1.5 ounces of plastic, while the liter requires a total of 2 minutes of manufacturing time and a single serving requires 1 minute 30 seconds of manufacturing time.

Each week, the company has 55,000 ounces of soda available, 5,000 ounces of plastic, and 80 hours of manufacturing time. Each liter has a profit of $0.70 and each single serving has a profit of $0.50. a. Write the Linear Program.

b. Solve the problem using the corner point method, being sure to include the graph and write the strategy.
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