When assessing whether product release deadlines were met during the first three months of the year, the quality assurance (QA) team noted that they were late 23 percent of the time. During that time, the team had hired two new specialists. The team immediately assessed their processes, including that of approving lot records, a required step to ensure that each lot met product requirements, which then triggered a product release. They found that the new QA reviewers were slow to make decisions because of lack of experience and knowledge. Which statement best explains why analyzing the lot record process and identifying the major constraint for product release was helpful to the QA director so she could take action to improve?

  • Knowing what the constraint was helped the QA director to watch deadlines more closely as she is the one responsible for meeting them.
  • Analyzing the root cause of the delays helped the QA director alert the new specialists that their work was not acceptable.
  • Understanding what went wrong helped the QA director rethink her hiring policy and process so she could identify stronger candidates.
  • Identifying the constraint informed the QA director of the need for increased training for the new specialists.
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