Question 1

An agent listed a property for $600,000 using the MLS and scheduled a showing for an open house Sunday afternoon. The property received lots of foot traffic and the agent ran out of sales sheets as a result. Near the end of the day, the listing agent noticed a very expensive car approach the open house and jumped at the opportunity to pitch a sale to this potential buyer. In an attempt to obtain the highest price, the agent gave a new sales price of $800,000 in a verbal description. The agent is guilty of

A – steering.

B – conciliation.

C – violating Civil Rights.

D – violating advertising guidelines.

Question 2

When the seller lacks knowledge of an item on the property condition disclosure, the listing agent should

A – provide an implied warranty instead.

B – waive all inspections.

C – complete the form for the client.

D – notify the buyer’s agent.

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