The following frequency distribution reports the number of frequent flier miles, reported in thousands, for employees of Brumley Statistical Consulting Inc. during the most recent quarter:

Flier Miles
Number of Employees
0 to under 4 5
4 to under 8 14
8 to under 12 27
12 to under 16 13
16 to under 20




a. How many employees were studied?

b. What is the midpoint of the first class? (Round the final answer to 1 decimal place.)

thousand miles

c. Not available in Connect.

d. A frequency polygon is to be drawn. What are the coordinates of the plot for the third class? (Round the final x value to 1 decimal place and y value to whole number.)

x = , y =

e. Not available in Connect.

f. Interpret the frequent flier miles.

Most between (Click to select) 12000-16000 16000-20000 8000-12000 0-4000 4000-8000 , even spread on both sides.

A city roads department is conducting a study to determine the number of cars that use a particular intersection. Community residents have requested a set of lights at the intersection and claim it is busy enough to warrant the expense. The table below summarizes the number of vehicles that pass through the intersection per hour during a 12 hour period. Choose the option that best describes this data

Cars per hour
14 50 66
29 31 54
82 10 48
78 6 33
65 11 21

Multiple Choice

  • Quantitative and discrete

  • Quantitative and continuous

  • Qualitative and discrete

  • Qualitative and continuous

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