Question 1

A salesperson declined to write an offer because she felt the buyers, who are a mixed race couple, would not be able to afford the house. They were offended and filed a discrimination complaint in federal court against the broker. Could the salesperson’s broker be held liable in this situation?

A – Yes; the broker may be liable for the actions of her agent.

B – Yes; the broker may be liable, but the errors and omissions insurance will cover it.

C – No; the broker may not be held liable for her agent’s actions.

D – No; as an independent contractor the salesperson incurs the sole liability.

Question 2

A tenant with a disability may reasonably make reversible changes in the physical structure of an apartment to accommodate the tenant’s disability if the

A – owner is aware of it and gives permission.

B – tenant pays for the modifications.

C – other tenants are also permitted to make modifications.

D – apartment is in a building with 4 or more units.

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