REQUIRED OUTCOMES: Your task is to: 1. Produce and essay of 15 pages minimum (including Cover, index, pictures and reference pages) 2. Create a Presentation, minimum 20 slides (15-20 Minutes) and present to class/instructor Choose 5 different brands from any International Hotel Chain (see sample links below) • Differentiate the 5 brands by level of service, facilities, target market, guest amenities and room rates (show how all these elements relate to the brand’s target Market/s) • Demonstrate by example, brands websites showing hotels’ services and facilities how those brands target their markets • Reference your results from the internet and show how you collected the information and confirm your group’s research outcome SAMPLE WEBSITE RESOURCES: • https://upgraded GUIDELINES: • Grading: Dress code, Grammar & Spelling, Contents – Organization – Completed Project & Relevance, Presentation (professionalism, audience engagement, posture and body language), Participation, PPT slide formatting and use. • Assignment to be completed in the shared Google Docs file-automatically saved, or uploaded to Google Docs and shared between the group members and the instructor. Groups Project Presentation: Week 6 of the module, Monday to Wednesday (deadline) Essay Minimum 15 pages (including Cover, index, pictures and reference pages), Font: 12 points single space between lines, double space between paragraphs Presentation, minimum 20 slides (10-15 Minutes) Maximum number of students per group 4 Project to include each group’s member contribution marked clearly TANGIBLES: Create an error-free PPT presentation and high-quality Report. Submit the PPT presentation and Report in electronic format as per Instructor’s guidelines and deadline
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