Read the case study below and answer ALL the questions that follow.
The case describes how Whirlpool (company) instilled innovation as a core competency by making significant investments
which included redesigning business processes, training thousands of employees, and changing the culture of the
company. The case discusses the various initiatives taken by Whitwam to encourage employee participation.
As innovation from everyone and everywhere required knowledge to be assimilated and democratized, the company set up
a comprehensive internal Knowledge Management System (KMS) in 2001. The case elucidates the various KM tools used
by Whirlpool such as the Innovation E-Space portal and the I-Pipe to capture, share, and manage knowledge. The case
highlights how Whirlpool’s KMS served as a platform wherein Whirlpool employees worldwide participated and contributed
to innovation-related activities resulting in new ideas, products, and services which in turn contributed to Whirlpool’s overall
revenues and profits. The case concludes by emphasizing the company’s plans to carry on its vision of “Innovation from
Everyone Everywhere” and to invest in product innovation to drive sustained future growth and create value for its
shareholders, employees, and customers.
Answer ALL the questions in this section.
SECTION B [60 Marks]
Answer ANY THREE (3) questions in this section.
QUESTION 1 (40 Marks)
Analyze the success story of Whirlpool from the abstract above. In your analysis detail how
innovation contributed to it. Further, using the abstract, discuss the value of a learning organisation
and distinguish it from organisational learning.

Examine the concept of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) in relation to Whirlpool, analyze
how does BPR contribute to the competitiveness of the company and discuss how to improve the
success of a BPR process.

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