George Tan runs a small business manufacturing shoe since 1980. He dropped out
of school after primary 5 and do not know much about marketing. His business has
been mediocre every year as not many people heard about his products. Today he
was approached by a businessman, Ahmad, who placed a very large order for his
shoes. George accepted the order and a contract was signed for the delivery of
10,000 pairs of men’s shoes in 3 months’ time. A 5% deposit was paid and the
balance of 95% to be paid upon full delivery of the 10,000 pairs of shoes. George
has never been involved in an order of this size and now realized that he is short of
capital to purchase raw materials and also his warehouse has insufficient capacity to
store his finished products. In addition, he has agreed to distribute the 10,000 pairs
of shoes to Ahmad’s many shoes outlets throughout Malaysia and George’s only
means of transportation is his less than reliable van.

Propose the best possible solution to his concerns.
In addition, which of the marketing mix should George improve on to
generate interest for his business.

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