Scenario You are the assistant manager at a fitness centre. As the WHS representative at your workplace, you have been asked to assist the manager in preparing information for a traffic diversion that will be set up during a local triathlon event being held at the centre one day next month. There will be 100 participants competing in the event as well as an anticipated 100 spectators and delegates. The presentation ceremony which will feature a motivational talk from a well-liked and respected local Olympian. The main car park outside the fitness centre will be inaccessible to cars because it will be used as part of the bike station leg of the event. The main road directly outside the centre will also be closed from 4 AM until 3 PM on the day of the event. The centre manager would like some useful information to provide to the participants, delegates, and spectators to ensure that they can travel safely and conveniently to the event. The manager is very eager for this event to be a success because it has been indicated by council that other companies have expressed an interest in their future events being held there, and that could be quite lucrative to the business. Task Pick a location in your area (city/town/urban area) where such a situation could arise. Provide the details of the information needed and sources that you think would be necessary in such a situation. Explain what you will need to collect and how it will be analysed for use. Describe your methods for sorting and storing information for future retrieval. List the various pieces of information that you would need to present to others. This should include all the legal and local council requirements of the activities and preparations involved, e.g. permits, pamphlets, flyers, etc. Explain what systems you have put in place in order to manage and distribute all the information.
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