Read the following short case: Big Fresh is a large supermarket chain. The company successfully implemented ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) five years ago. Key IT processes such as service portfolio management, availability management, capacity management, change management, event management, continuous service improvement, etc., are now clearly defined, managed, and monitored using appropriate qualitative and quantitative metrics. A recent survey conducted internally shows that employees in general find the IT solutions provided within the company effective in serving their needs. However, ITIL does not cover governance processes such as strategy planning and risk optimization. In the absence of a comprehensive IT governance framework, the CEO’s main concern for IT is whether the company can exploit new technologies for new strategic opportunities in the future. Answer Questions 4 to 5. You may refer to the COBIT 5 materials in the appendices Question 4 (20 marks) (a) The COBIT S framework is based on 5 principles. Explain which of the COBIT 5 principles is most relevant to the CEO’s concern. (7 marks) (b) Discuss how COBIT 5 can be used translate the CEO’s high level business concern to a specific and actionable IT plan. (18 marks) Question 5 (15 marks) (a) The CIO wishes to achieve the IT-related goal of competent and motivated business and IT personnel.” What are the processes that primarily support this IT-related goal? (3 marks) (b) In particular, the CIO feels that her IT staff are not keeping up with advances in IT. She would like them to become more motivated in updating their skills so that they can effectively exploit new technologies to support business strategies when such opportunities arise. Based on the relevant COBIT 5 materials in the appendices, • recommend a list of actions to address her problem. (12 marks)
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