You are the owner of the Basket of Rye Corner Market, a small local convenience store that specializes in fresh bread but that also sells various sundries, including cigarettes and alcohol. You hire Tanisha, a clerk, to cashier and Ryan, a manager to run the store when you are not there. You are almost never in the store. You have The law in your State states: “Every person attempting to purchase beer or alcohol must be of the legal age of majority, 21, and must show government-issued Identification, unless they are personally known to the seller. It is unlawful to sell beer or alcohol to a minor.” The fine for violating the law is $5,000 per occurrence. To adhere to the law, you instruct Ryan to post signs in the store alerting customers to the rule. One evening, some teenagers visit the store. One of the teenagers, Sarah, is the younger sister of your clerk, Tanisha. The teens send Sarah to the counter to buy the beer. She is able to convince Tanisha to make the sale. None of the teens show identification. An undercover police saw the entire transaction, and see the teenagers leave the store with the beer. They confiscate the beer and question the Tanisha. You are contacted. Discuss if the law was violated and who, if anyone, may be held responsible for the violation? What is your BEST argument that your business should not be fined.

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