1. Research the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Write a minimum of 250 words, cite your sources and completely address the following:

• What was the motivation for enacting this law? Specifically, provide some background on the economic conditions in the US that led to this law. • What arguments do critics have about the law? • Is this law good or bad for US companies? Both? Explain your answer. • What other names is this law know by?

2. Describe the differences and relationship between information security policies and an information security plan. What does each accomplish in an organization? Why are they important?

3. Define in your own words and remember to cite your source ALWAYS use a source but NO DICTIONARIES or online encyclopedias(1) authentication and authorization, (2) prevention and resistance, and (3) detection and response, as they pertain to IT and IIM.

4. Describe the relationships and differences between hackers and viruses.

  • Be sure to discuss the differences between white-hat hackers and black-hat hackers.
  • Describe how viruses are transmitted.
  • Name one major virus from the past 12 months that has been in the news and describe its impact on consumers and b
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