In this week’s forum, you are asked to complete two activities.
1. In the first activity, I would like you to consider the image in this forum folder which deals with the different levels of possible impact of a wicked problem. You need to think about climate change in relation to these three levels and explain what most interests you at each of the levels, and whether or not you think one level is more interesting / relevant to any of the others and explain why. This exercise will help when it comes time for your group to choose a problem to focus on for Assessment Task 3.

2. In order to complete our group work assignment online this semester, you will be greatly assisted if you are comfortable using some form of online file sharing and group work application. There are a number of possible technologies, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, DropBox and Slack. Federation University offers you free access to Microsoft Teams. For this activity, I would like you access Microsoft Teams, and then briefly discuss in this forum what you think of Microsoft Teams and let us know if you have used this or any other file sharing / co-working technologies in the past and how they compare i.e what are the key features that enable effective online collaboration. To access Microsoft Teams please go to the Study Resources section of our Moodle site and read through the information provided there.

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