Read the following case and fully answer the questions at the end. Be sure to provide significant detail to your answer – I would think a couple of paragraphs at least are required to answer the questions. Gull Products Inc. is a small business in Moose Jaw that supplies commercial products to other regional businesses. Recently there has been a movement of national and multinational corporations into that area. One of these corporations, Delnex, has just begun operations in the city and Gull’s ownership is very excited about the potential to do business. Gull’s sales department has scheduled a meeting to discuss how best to approach this opportunity. Leading the discussion is Phil, the sales supervisor. While never having been a field representative himself, Phil does have strong management credentials and keeps the department running. Also present at the meeting are the four members of Gull’s sales team. First, Bob is the most experienced salesperson and handles many of the larger, long-time accounts. Bob keeps all his current clients happy, but Phil is not pleased with his lack of new clients. Next, John is a good, hard-working employee, but Phil doesn’t consider him a spectacular seller. Third, Cindy recently transferred into sales from another position with Gull. Due to her inexperience, Cindy’s only clients are the ones Phil selects as being a “good fit” for her such as a local clothing manufacturer. Most people at Gull don’t know about Cindy’s previous work experience in Quebec where she had contacts with many big businesses including Delnex. The last salesperson is Joe. Phil doesn’t reveal the informal “salesman of the year award” until year end but he already expects Joe to win due to his aggressive selling lately. Yet, Phil rarely even discusses sales issues with him. Instead, most of their conversations centre on their passion – golf. Phil always coaxes Joe for the inside scoop about the private country club Joe is a member at. The conversation at the sales meeting progressed as follows: Phil: Delnex has the potential to be our biggest account for a long time. They’re a key for our future and we all should play a role in getting business from them. I’m looking for input on how to approach them and who will be the front man. Bob, what are your thoughts? Bob: Whoever pursues this one is going to have to devote a lot of time and I just don’t have any to commit. Sorry, Phil. Phil: Oh, alright, but we are going to need to draw on your experience somehow. John, we may need a team effort for Delnex so expect to do some leg work and provide backup, okay? John: Sure, I’ll be glad to pitch in any way I can. Joe: Looks like I’ll be quarter-backing this one. Phil, what say you and I invite a couple of Delnex guys for a round at my club? Phil: Now you’re talking! I’d love to play that course. Cindy: I don’t think being too forward is a good idea. An informative soft sell worked best when I was… Phil: I don’t think a feminine approach is needed here. Joe, book a tee time while I give the Delnex manager a call. Meeting adjourned. ________________________________________ Based on this case study ANSWER BOTH OF THESE QUESTIONS : A) Name two perceptual errors that Phil is making for three marks. B) Then using only information from our class content, what would you recommend as the next course of action for Gull Products for four marks? — HINT This is worth four marks so I am looking for more than one suggestion!

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