Assuming a Manufacturing/construction industry you are working for is planning to implement ISO 9001:2015 based QMS, please determine and document the following:-

1. Context of the Organization

a) Overview of the organization

b) Internal and external issues

c) Interested parties, their needs and expectations

d) Scope of QMS

e) Processes and their interactions (as a block diagram)

2. Leadership

a) Top Management’s commitment and responsibilities

b) Quality Policy

c) Communication mechanisms for Quality Policy

d) Roles & Responsibilities

3. Planning

a) Risks and plans for treating the risks

b) Quality objectives

c) Plan to achieve the Quality Objectives

4. Support

a) Resource management process – People, Infrastructure, Environment, Monitoring and measuring resources, Organizational knowledge

b) Process for competency management

c) Process for awareness

d) Internal and external communication process

e) Documentation requirements, Document control process

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