The pandemic caused by COVID-19 virus around the world is still spreading and will almost definitely have lasting effect on our lives for the foreseeable future. There are, as of 30st May 2021, 169,597,415 confirmed cases around the world and 3,530,582 deaths reported to WHO . Here in Turkey and everywhere around the world, as almost all industries are either 1 shut down or have limited operations, experts and government officials are discussing the safe ways of ‘opening up’ the economy.

I would like you to put yourself in the shoes of the marketing manager/ entrepreneur/owner of one of the businesses below (choose only one from below or one that you would like but not listed here);

• a restaurant/cafe/bar

• a shopping mall

• a fashion brand

• a movie theatre

• an airline

• a hotel

• a university

• a beauty brand (e.g. makeup, hair products, etc.)

• a fitness centre

• a theatre/ballet/opera company

• a live music venue

• a bank • …

And based on one of these businesses, analyse its customers’ decision making process during the ‘new normal’ after the COVID-19 pandemic diminish (say when more than 60% of world population is vaccinated) and provide innovative and relevant recommendations for the company (using one or more of 4Ps, for example how would you change the product/ service, communication, the retail space etc). The purpose of this is to analyse the possible lasting impact of Covid-19 on an industry and its customers and to take decisions that would help the company and its customers to adapt to these changes.

Your t should have 3 section

Section 1. First, you should discuss the Process stage of the CDM model. You should try and answer questions such as; What is the ‘new’ Need of your customers? What are their ‘new’ goals? Analyse their Motivan;on process. How would you use concepts like Personality, Perception, Learning, and Attitudes to influence consumers’ decision-making stages?

Section 2. Here, you should discuss the Input stage of the CDM model. Some questions to consider are; What are the key outside influences on customers’ decision-making process? Which information sources would be more credible and trustworthy for your customers? How would you change your marketing mix? How would you as the marketer try and persuade your customers in the new normal? How would you appeal to them? How would you use the socio-cultural environment of your customers?

Section 3. You should discuss the Output stage of the CDM model. Finally answer questions such as; How would you make sure your customers are sa;sfied? What kind of loyalties do you think you should build with your customers and How and Why?

. I would like to see the models/concepts/frameworks used in detail not just mentioned).

The word count limit on this is 2000 words (+/- 10%)

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