1. Feldo Systems entered the Lithiopian market by purchasing Kylied, a Lithiopian local trading site. The acquisition allowed Feldo Systems to quickly enter and expand in the Lithiopian market without the lead time required or the risk entailed when developing operations in a foreign market. This scenario exemplifies the internationalization entry tactic of:
  1. Allying
  2. Making
  3. Buying
  4. donating
  1. Fredora Design House wants to enter the foreign market. However, as its designs are its intellectual property, it does not wish to risk its authority to have complete control over the sales and marketing of its products in a foreign nation. Which of the following forms of entering a foreign market should Fredora choose in this scenario such that there is a reduced risk of valuable information being leaked to competitors, thereby enabling a business partner from becoming a future competitor?
  1. Franchising
  2. Joint venture
  3. Turnkey operation
  4. Wholly owned subsidiary
  1. Please list the following entry modes in order of required investment.
    Wholly Owned Subsidiary
    Joint Ventures
  1. Exporting, Franchising, Joint Ventures, Wholly Owned Subsidiary
  2. Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Joint Ventures, Exporting, Franchising
  3. Joint Ventures, Exporting, Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Franchising
  4. Franchising, Joint Ventures, Exporting, Wholly Owned Subsidiary
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