The rich are attracted to organic items. As a result of his mission, lawo formed G and L Kay founded the REC , New Hampshire, in 1989 with the aim of making ty E roanic. A non-profit centre has educated hundreds of pupils rural and household skills, mostly relying on donations to provide financial assistance. Meanwhile, the diabetic Samuel experimented with cow milk for a healthy, creamy and delicious sucre-free yoghurt. With financing from TREC dwindling in 1982, Samuel appointed Gary Hirshberg as member of the Board of Directors to help implement the commercial strategy of TREC. Hirshberg has worked with alternative technologies such as solar greenhouses, organic agriculture and a windmill for water pumping. Kaymen and Hirshberg enlarged the milk herd so that the school centre could produce and sell more yoghurt. As demand for organic yoghurt grew, the company started to procure milk from local dairy farmers. In 1984, and four years later the company developed a sophisticated production facility in Londononderry, New Hampshire, where they continued producing a range of organic yoghurts and smoothies, Stonyfield appointed Hirshberg president and “CE-Yo.” The French food company, Group Danone, bought Stonyfield in 2001 and is currently looking at possibilities of using renewable energy alone to operate the business. In addition, stonyfield reduces 46 percent greenhouse gas emissions from product delivery and saves the company over $20 million. Stonyfield supports hundreds of organic farmers and maintains an area free of pesticides on more than 200 000 acres of agricultural land. Brian Ach / Press Association Co-founder and Chairman of Stonyfield Organic, Chelsea’s Table Images. It is utilised in non-organic agriculture. Hirshberg (left) works for social and environmental sustainability and operates an ethical company. No wonder Stonyfield Farm expects its staff to support the environmental objectives of the corporation. The company

helps its employees in difficult times “learns (informations, educational and opportunities for lunch) and “green ins” bi-weekly, which help employees to integrate their environmental knowledge (an internal e-mail newsletter). won as a result of their work Stonyfields and its personal deeds have been there for almost three decades ” Founders, managers and employees were there. Amongst the various kinds of training are general guidelines for new recruits driven by their entrepreneurial attitude, environment, climate change and organic training, and the aims of the organisation to thrive via farming. And they’re all okay. Employees are often trained about the environment and learn about it. Lactalis, one of the largest family-owned dairy companies in France, bought discussions. Hirshberg is currently President and Esteve Torrens is President and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re devoted to a healthy environment, a healthy employee, a healthy planet and a healthy business,” says Stonyfield. As the early proponent of socially and environmentally responsible businesses, Stony-field thinks that “engagement for health and durability enhances shareholder profit.” The mission of Stonyfield spurred the formation of a programme entitled “Profits for the Planet,” which committed $2 million to environmental and protection organisations. The plant engineers of Stonyfield are • What distanced Kaymen and Hirshberg from heading the TREC and becoming full-time organic manufacturers of yoghurt?
Stonyfield’s goal motivates and encourages its management, employees and suppliers to take action to promote the social and environmental sustainability of the company. What are the hurdles for the company to pursue its “green” business plan in the next few years? Beth Kowitt is an actor. An actress. Lucky, July 5, 2017: “The Stonyfield Sale of Danone is the latest development of the Yogurt Wars.” E. Crawford, “Sustainabil Drives Signified Cost Savings for Stonyt Farm,” Food Navigator, 27 April 2015,; “Stonyfie is continuing transparency with the Ingrec Source Map,” Ritchie, H. Sustainable Brands, January issue and

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