Performance Assessment and Pay

a Biometrics Consulting Group Bruce Bennett is a consultant with Biometrics, a firm that specializes in human resource management applications and solutions. His current assignment is with Automotive Accessories in Johannesburg, South Africa, a company that manufactures rubber and plastic automotive parts such as pedals for brakes and accelerators, windscreen wipers, seals and belts and plastic fittings for interiors. The production process consists of four machine- based production lines which stamp out, cure and finish the various products. The workers are semi-skilled and can handle most of the processes on a line. Their pay is based on volume and quality produced and on supervisors’ assessment of individual performance. Bruce has been called in to assess a problem that management has been concerned with over the last few years: high turnover and complaints about supervisor assessment. Bruce decided to review a sample of performance assessments from various supervisors to get an idea as to why workers were dissatisfied with their assessments and why turnover was high. The assessment form was a one- page report that rated workers on traits such as: 1. initiative 2. Adaptability 3. responsibility 4. Productivity 5. cooperation 6. communication Supervisors rated workers on descriptors such as unsatisfactory to excellent and most of the ratings were average or below. The traits used were not defined, so supervisors could not provide any meaningful feedback to workers to justify their ratings. Since this affected their pay, they complained or sometimes quit. Bruce felt that the solution was to use a form of job or work analysis that linked defined roles and performance criteria to the remuneration system. Question 1 Describe the performance appraisal plan that is used by Biometrics Consulting group. Discuss if the performance assessment form used by the group is appropriate for the type of work done. Question 2 Explain the steps involved in the job analysis process. Suggest what would be an appropriate form of job analysis data gathering method for Bruce to recommend in his report. Question 3 If you were to be the HR manager of Biometrics Consulting Group, what would be the type of individual incentive plan that you would use and why? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of individual incentive plans.

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